Top 4 Drills to Incorporate In Spring Practice/Fall Camp

I've had a number of questions from coaches, parents, and players about what sorts of drills we'll be incorporating during the upcoming year. Our team had a few they absolutely LOVED, which we introduced half-way through the year. Coincidentally, the coaching staff loved them for the same reason: they made us better. 

Here are a few of the drills that we found most effective that we'll be using in the upcoming season to improve technique and keep the intensity at peak levels.

TIGER ATTACK (We called it the Cougar's Den)

If your team needs a jolt to pump up the energy, give this drill a try. You don't need 11 men and it gets a number of guys involved all at once. Eliminating the issue of too many players standing around. 


This is a timeless drill that will always be useful. It teaches defensive players to get their eyes up, fight off blocks, engage a ball-carrier, and work in a small space. This is our go-to leading up to Game 1 in the pre-season. 


This is fantastic for Corners, Safeties, and Linebackers who have to come up and set a hard edge. It teaches them to play low and under control.

The first 0:42 is the drill to which I'm referring, but all of Coach Saban's drills are helpful. 


Coach Choice does a great job detailing how secondary players should be using technique to put themselves into better position to get to the ball. The video is cut short, but he's got some great technique tips in a short video. 

What sort of drills do you and your team work on regularly? What is most effective? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear what works best for your team.