Off-season Strength & Conditioning Package

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Off-season Strength & Conditioning Package

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Winning 8 man football games is hard work. And it's a year-round effort. Summer is here and you can bet your competition is working hard. Stay ahead of them with a winning strength and conditioning program. From the sprint interval conditioning to the power and olympic lifts, this program is designed specifically for football players. Here's what is included:

  • 3 days of sprint interval conditioning
  • 8 weeks of conditioning that builds on itself, enabling your players to get faster
  • 3 day of strength training
  • 8 weeks of strength training that builds on itself, enabling your players to get stronger
  • Workouts that encompass all the major muscle groups to avoid player injuries
  • Reviewed & approved by a National Athletic Training Association (NATA) Board of Certification (BOC) certified Athletic Trainer

What's NOT included:

  • Squat, Bench Press, and Power Cleans 3 days per week (these exercises are included, but this program is not solely comprised of them)
  • 300's or Gassers for conditioning (you NEVER run that far in football)
  • An amateur program your high school coach used in 1972
Get Stronger & Faster