New Coach Package

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New Coach Package

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Never coached 8 man football before? That's OK, most of us had to figure it out by trial and error. You, however, can benefit from our hard earned lessons. The "New Coach Package" is estimated to save new coaches up to 55 HOURS of planning. Just imagine what else you could focus on while you're not having to draw up new plays and figure out how to teach your players each play.

8 Man Football isn't a traditional "sport" that most people grow up playing and watching. 8 man offense and 8 man defense are adaptations to the 11 man game. Because many coaches have never played 8 man football, they need help getting started. If you're a new coach and you've never came up with a complete offensive, defensive, and special teams strategy, this package is for you. The "New Coach Package" includes the following:

  • The Complete Jet Offense Installation Package
    • Position explanations, personnel duties, alignment charts, 9 unique running plays, and detailed explanations of each play
  • The Complete 3-3 Defensive Installation Package
    • 3-3 alignment charts versus various formations, a 3-3 blitz package drawn up versus various formations, on field responsibilities and reads for each player, and more.
  • The Complete Special Teams Installation Package
    • Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt, and Punt Return schemes adapted to the 8 man game that allow for your team to get an edge in this 3rd of the game. Player responsibility charts are also included so each player knows their duties in each setup.
  • The Offseason Strength and Conditioning Program FREE!
    • This multi-week package includes sport-specific workouts for football players. This has been reviewed by a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer and includes both lifting and conditioning workouts for your players.
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